GRANVILLE, W.Va. (WBOY) — A New Jersey woman is facing charges after police say she drunkenly took an infant to multiple Monongalia County businesses.

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, officers with the Granville Police Department were called to TJ Maxx where a woman with a small child was reported to be “highly intoxicated,” according to a criminal complaint.

Debby Donis-Veliz

Responding officers were informed that the woman, later identified as Debby Donis-Veliz, 29, of Trenton, NJ, had left the store and possibly went to Old Navy, where officers said they found her and a one-year-old at a register, according to a criminal complaint.

Once officers approached Donis-Veliz, they said they noticed an overwhelming odor of alcohol and when asked how many beverages she consumed, Donis-Veliz replied by saying two. Officers said that she was “unsteady on her feet, her eyes were very bloodshot and she slurred her words.”

Officers said that during a conversation with Donis-Veliz, she repeatedly asked them the same questions and was clumsy with some of the things in her hands. Officers also said that she could not tell them how long she had been there and could not locate her key.

While in the store, Donis-Veliz “did not have diapers or food for the baby” and said that “they were in her vehicle” which she “claimed she had driven herself to the store,” however, Donis-Veliz also claimed that someone was supposed to be picking her up, according to the complaint.

While speaking with the person that Donis-Veliz claimed was supposed to pick her up, officers said they learned that person “did not know where Donis-Veliz or [the infant] were at the time.”

Upon processing Donis-Veliz, officers said that she had blood on her hand and her phone and could not remember how she hurt herself.

Donis-Veliz has been charged with child neglect and is being held in North Central Regional Jail on a $10,100 bond.