FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — A woman has been charged after officers find drug paraphernalia near diapers and a bottle at a residence in Fairmont.

On Dec. 18, officers with the Fairmont Police Department responded to a call of a cardiac arrest taking place at a residence on View Avenue in Fairmont, according to a criminal complaint.

Amanda Markley

When officers arrived, one began performing CPR on an unresponsive male, and another “observed multiple foils with burnt residue” in his “immediate proximity,” officers said.

Officers said that while they were at the home, resident Amanda Markley, 46 of Fairmont, gave them permission to search it, according to the complaint.

During the search, officers found “multiple articles of paraphernalia such as more burnt foils, two glass pipes with burnt residue, [and] multiple rubber containers with white powder residue on them,” which were all within the reach of a child, officers said.

Also in the search, officers noted that “several” of the burnt foils “were next to a baby bottle and diapers,” according to the complaint.

Markley has been charged with child neglect creating risk of injury. She is being held in North Central Regional Jail on $5,012 bail.

The criminal complaint did not give information about the man’s current condition but did say that “his condition was directly related to the use of controlled substances.”