GLENVILLE, W.Va. — An Arizona woman has been charged after attempting to hide drugs during a traffic stop in Gilmer County.

On May 6, deputies with the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department received a call that said a woman was passed out in a vehicle in front of an ATM on West Main Street in Glenville, according to a criminal complaint. The caller had attempted to wake the woman, identified later as Abigail Stalnaker, 32, of Mesa, Arizona.

Abigail Stalnaker

When deputies arrived on scene, Stalnaker sped off, heading up Main Street “at a high rate of speed,” deputies said.

Stalnaker stopped at the stop sign on Court Street, and deputies were able to perform a traffic stop. They noted that Stalnaker’s “pupils were extremely constricted and bloodshot,” according to the complaint.

When deputies asked Stalnaker if she had been asleep or passed out, she denied being so. After she consented to a search of her vehicle, Stalnaker “started digging in her console,” deputies said.

Upon stepping out of the vehicle, Stalnaker was holding a pack of cigarettes and a green bag, and when deputies asked what was in the bag, Stalnaker “opened it up and turned away as to hide it,” according to the complaint.

Deputies then saw what appeared to be books of stamps in bundles and asked her what it was, to which she replied “it was nothing,” deputies said.

A search resulted in deputies finding the following, according to the complaint:

  • Approximately 40 individually wrapped stamps in blue paper with white powder inside, in bundles of 10
  • Approximately 40 empty stamps
  • A black container with a white crystal powder substance
  • A glass meth pipe
  • Three snort tubes
  • A green torch
  • Used and clean foil
  • A cell phone

Stalnaker has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. She is being held in Central Regional Jail.