Doddridge County Schools Excess Levy appears on special election ballot December 8


In Doddridge County, voters will head back to the polls in just a few weeks to vote on the Doddridge County Schools Excess Levy. This is the continuation of a levy that has been around since 1949.

“It is up for renewal so this is not a new levy. Our community has supported education forever. It’s been a priority for Doddridge County and we are appreciative of the support we have received throughout the years,” said Adam Cheeseman, superintendent. 

The superintendent said that the tax rate will not change for this levy, and he stresses the importance of what the levy provides for students in Doddridge County classrooms. 

“It’s projected to bring about $12.8 million. Those monies are spread out for multiple things really, from school supplies to text books. It has a large piece towards child nutrition. There is a large safety component involved. There are some additional facilities that we are looking to provide for our students,” explained Cheeseman. 

And these resources are paying off, students in Doddridge County have made academic strides in the last 10 years, ranking them as a top county in the state. 

“We have a fourth place academic finish so what that is showing is that the monies we are putting into students is actually going to student achievement. In 2009, we were 53rd out of 55 in overall student performance. This year we are fourth so its been a very very steep climb,” added Cheeseman. 

Even though the levy does not increase the tax rate, voters in Doddridge County will actually see something come off their tax ticket this year. 

“In May of 2019, the high school will be fully paid for and the bond will be coming up off the tax ticket. Well in fact, the citizens should have saw the bond for the last time on their tax ticket,” said Cheeseman.

The special election for the school excess levy is set for December 8. 

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