WEST UNION, W.Va. – Doddridge County Board of Education held a dedication ceremony Thursday at their new early learning academy. 

There was an open house for the public to tour the facility to see the latest technology that the academy houses for young children to help get them started off on the right foot. School officials said the center offers two Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics labs for the students.  

“This is an opportunity to do something unique and I believe a little innovative. This is an early learning Academy. And so, we are bringing our kindergarten students from the elementary school down to this building to join up with our pre-k and three-year-old program to form this academy,” said Adam Cheeseman, the superintendent of Doddridge County Schools.  

Cheeseman said, developmentally, the students housed in the newly built Doddridge County Learning Academy will be brought to the same level. He stated that they are also very thankful for the community’s support of their excess levy that was used to fund the building of the new facility.  

“Most of the folks around the state and around the country know my background is in early childhood. I’ve worked with early childhood facilities across the world, and this is one of the nicest I’ve been in, and it is going to mean a lot to the future of Doddridge County. This is going to be a great start for the children of Doddridge County,” said Clayton Burch, the West Virginia State Superintendent of Schools.  

Doddridge County school officials said these young students utilizing the new facility, making it fun, safe and an environment to learn and grow is important. They also said it shows that even at an early age they are valued.