WEST UNION, W.Va. (WBOY) — Doddridge County Schools announced on Wednesday that the Board of Education has approved a new facial recognition security system.

According to the announcement, the security partnership with Rank One Computing was approved during a board of education meeting on Nov. 17. The security system will help school staff allow campus access for those with clearance and prevent access to strangers or those who should not be at the school.

The system will use cameras that are already on Doddridge County school campuses to identify people who should not be on school grounds and alert staff. The faces of known and trusted individuals, including students, teachers, and staff will be given entry.

“Student safety is of the utmost concern for our Board,” Superintendent of Doddridge County Schools, Adam Cheeseman said in the release. “We take our responsibility to protect our students very seriously and will use appropriate measures to ensure our students are safe at school.”

The board approved the new system after hearing from Rank One Computing CEO and Doddridge County native, Scott Swann.