WEST UNION, W.Va. (WBOY) — Brooke Fitzgerald has officially passed on her position as Doddridge County’s Prosecuting Attorney after announcing her plans in January of this year.

After serving as the prosecuting attorney for 12 years, Fitzgerald wrote in The Doddridge Independent, thanking those she has served and have helped her along the way. She will be continuing her new life adventures down south.

Lennie Elizabeth “Besty” Coffey was appointed as the new Prosecuting Attorney by the County Commission on January 17, in which her effective date began on February 16. Coffey’s swear-in ceremony was held on February 14 at 9 a.m.

Before accepting this new position, Betsy Coffey served as an Assistant Prosecutor for eight years before she was promoted to “Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney,” in July of 2022.

When Coffey was asked, by a 12 News reporter, what she hopes to bring to the Doddridge County community, she said, “I have been here for eight years, working under Mrs. Fitzgerald, Brooke, and I’m hoping to continue the good work she’s done, continue to serve the citizens of Doddridge County and make a difference in the crime rates here. And really give back to the community since I’ve been here so long, and I’ve really come to love it here.”

One might feel like they have big shoes to fill when accepting a new position like this one, Coffey explained why she said yes. She felt like it was a great opportunity, and after working there for so long, she and Fitzgerald had talked about their future plans, where she mentioned wanting to be an elected prosecuting attorney.

When presented with the idea, Coffey began to think about giving back to Doddridge County. She said, “I’ve grown here so much and I’m really excited to be able to give back to the community that has embraced me.”

Coffey had been serving as the attorney who takes care of abuse, neglect, and crimes against children. She does plan to continue working with departments such as sex crimes, crimes against children, misdemeanors, and serious felonies. But the attorney’s office will be hiring to replace Coffey’s previous position on abuse and neglect cases. If interested in filling this position, you can apply at this link. The office is accepting resumes by:

Email – bcoffey@Court.State.Wv.Us
Mail – P.O. Box 125/108 Court Street, West Union, WV 26456