WEST UNION, W.Va. – West Virginians came together to get back to their Scottish Celtic roots.  

This weekend the Mountain State Scottish Celtic Gathering took place in the Doddridge County Park.  

The gathering included cultural music, food and games. This year the event focused heavily on the game aspect which included “open stone” which is similar to track and field shot put.  

Mountain State Scottish Celtic Gathering (WBOY Image)

Alexandra Duncan, the main judge for the Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletic events, said there used to be games held in Bridgeport that eventually stopped. Now, they’re working to bring them back through events like these.  

“My dad is Scottish; he was born in Scotland. My parents are Scottish country dancers and for me to be able to bring something Scottish here, where the Scotts-Irish are, is a great thing.”

Organizers said the Scottish-Welsh ancestry is the largest demographic in West Virginia and they wanted an event like this to celebrate that. 

“I think it’s real important that people participate and learn about their heritage and see things that their ancestors used to do before they immigrated to America. So, it’s just great to learn about the clans and about the history and then also see the participants in the heavy games,” Greg Cottrill, director of Doddridge County Parks and Recreations, said. 

Participant throwing the stone for the open stone game (WBOY Image)

The Doddridge County Parks and Recreations Department will be co-sponsoring a rugby event, called the Almost Heaven Sevens event, at the Bridge in Bridgeport on June 18 to get more people into the Scottish sport. Twelve teams will be competing, and they are still accepting more participants.  

This was the second year the Mountain State Scottish Celtic Gathering took place. Organizers said they plan to bring it back next year on the weekend before Memorial Day.