SALEM, W.Va. (WBOY) — While a winter storm hit West Virginia on the morning of Dec. 23, first responders in the Doddridge and Harrison County area responded to a mobile home fire on Buffalo Calf Road.

The fire started around 9 a.m. when Melanie Davis, one of the homeowners, reported that the generator that was hooked up to the house and running began flickering the home’s lights and making a strange noise. Davis and her husband, Bud, went outside to investigate the loud noise when the high winds that chilled the area helped the fire to begin, engulfing the entire single-wide trailer in flames.

What was left of the trailer and garage (Courtesy: Lisa Bonnell)

Melanie told 12 News that she tried to go back into the home once to grab something, but the smoke was too thick to see through. About that time, her son yelled that the propane tanks behind the trailer had blown as well. The family tried to use a fire extinguisher, but it was of no use when the fire had already traveled to the propane tanks.

Not only did they lose their home, but Melanie’s daughter, Lisa Bonnell, added that the fire traveled across the electric lines and spread to the garage. Bonnell said that her dad and brother had just enough time to get out their tractor and brand new side by side before these items also became victim to the flames.

Bud and Melanie had lived in the home for 31 years before everything they owned vanished in only 15 minutes. Bonnell told 12 News that she searched through the rubble and managed to save her parents’ wedding photo book. They lost all their clothing, furniture and things they worked to have over the last 31 years.

The Davises have already retired and are living on a fixed income, and they need some help to start all over again. They have already cleaned up the mess that the fire left them and are moving on to their next step.

“We’re in the process of trying to get them another trailer and get it pulled in here,” Bonnell said. “They went and looked at one yesterday. So, that’s what the GoFundMe for is, is to help—to help them financially be able to afford this trailer.”

Anyone who wants to make a monetary donation to the GoFundMe can do so online, here.

The Davises and Bonnell said they want to thank anyone and everyone who has donated or plans to, for helping in a time of need. If you cannot make a monetary donation, the family is also in need of women’s clothing including medium to large-sized tops and medium or size-8 pants.

Lisa Bonnell is willing to meet with anyone who is wanting to donate the above clothing items. She works at Salem University’s Men’s dormitory and has asked for people to reach out at 304-266-3882 when they can meet.