WEST UNION, W.Va. – The United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties has partnered with the Doddridge County Commission and the Doddridge County Board of Education to provide meals to students and their families.

The United Way secured a $498,502 grant through the Community Development Block Grant in response to COVID-19 (CDBG-CV).

Doddridge County Schools

The project, called Feeding Friends of Doddridge County, will provide meals to 600 Doddridge County residents.

“Now, we’re back into this COVID, and there may or may not be people working. The timing on this is wonderful,” said Shawn Glaspell, a member of the Doddridge County Commission.

“Our mission statement is ‘United to Make a Difference’. It’s been that since 2016. We pride ourselves on partnerships, and I feel like our school district and the vision and the mission matches up with United Way’s purpose and calling, and so the partnership just made a lot of sense,” said Adam Cheeseman, Superintendent of Doddridge County Schools.

Superintendent Cheeseman also said that providing meals to students will also help them concentrate in school instead of worrying where their next meal comes from.