Dos and Don’ts of sweating for the wedding


From the proposal to the wedding, a lot goes into planning a marriage.  For some brides they start to obsess over shredding for the wedding- in fact more than 70 percent of brides prioritize losing weight.

“A lot of the times they want to either lose weight or just get a toned look,” said Micki Pauley, heath coach.  

Micki Pauley is challenging you to think about your healthy life that starts on your wedding day.

“It’s more than just losing a bunch of weight or crash dieting for the wedding. It’s really about starting a new outlook on being healthy and being active.  Feeling good and confident on their wedding day and being able to carry that long after you’ve wore your beautiful white dress.”

Do: Set goals

Don’t: Focus on the scale

Don’t: Crash diet

“A lot of times our dresses show off our upper bodies. Especially if we have a strapless dress. For that it’s really about creating a nice strong look that just looks really nice.”

To achieve that strong look, Mickie has 4 moves for anyone looking to drop a dress size.

1. Squat Press

2.  Renegade Row

3. Sprinter Sit Up

4. Mountain Climber

“I always say 3 to 5 rounds or you can even set your timer for 10 to even 30 minutes and just rotate until time is up.”

But most importantly…don’t let this obsession take over your day!

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