Today, we’re starting off our fitness series with a look at your core – one of the most important parts of your body that allows you to remain balanced and properly aligned.

A lot of times, people have their shoulders forward as we’re sitting at a desk, or we’re looking at the TV. We always want to be aware of our body’s alignment, so what we’re going to do is some core exercises taking all of that into focus.

We’re going to take it down and start with some planks. What we’re going to do is lie down and go onto those forearms and lift up through the toes. As you can see, the body is one nice line. You want to be one full lever coming up and we’re going to hold that for about thirty seconds breathing in and out. And then what we’re going to do at the end of the exercise is drop our knees down and go back into child’s pose and give ourselves a nice little stretch and then repeat two times.

Now, we’re going to do some crunches another great core exercise. So let’s get onto our back. We’re going to put those feet nice and flat. Now the big thing to think about when doing crunches is that you don’t want to strain your neck. Since we are working out the core, you want to take your arms and put them behind your head and use the core and lift up. We’re making sure that the neck stays in line and always thinking about your body alignment in all of these exercises that we’re doing. We’re going to go for twenty here and you should feel it all through the core and make sure to have no strain on the neck. Then, we’re going to take a little break and repeat that exercise two times as well.