PHILIPPI, W.Va. (WBOY) — Alderson Broaddus University has signed a Preferential Admission Agreement with the Appalachian School of Law, which is based in Grundy, Va.

Under the agreement, admission for graduates of Alderson Broaddus University is guaranteed at the Appalachian School of Law for their doctorate degree in law. However, applicants must meet the requirements for character and fitness to practice law.

“If I didn’t provide these opportunities, then our students wouldn’t be as excited about learning and education and their future. This provides that opportunity, that avenue that could develop in a number of different ways for our students and for the university as well,” said Alderson Broaddus University president, Tim Barry.

Graduates of Alderson Broaddus University planning to utilize this preferential admission program to the Appalachian School of Law should have an LSAT score of 150 or higher.

“What’s important to us at the Appalachian School of Law about this partnership is we’re partnering with another Appalachian school. A school that is serving this region, and sending folks out to do great things across the Appalachian region and beyond,” said Appalachian School of Law president and dean, Brian Keith Faulkner.

Graduates should submit their applications to the Appalachian School of Law before Jan. 1 of the year they wish to attend.