“Click it or Ticket is” a saying engrained in our minds to remind us to buckle up but there is now a new expression to add to the list. “Arrive Alive” is a reminder to put down the phone and remove all distractions before getting behind the wheel.

“One of the main things that I usually tell people is that even a cheeseburger can be a very distracting element when you are driving down the road,” said Max Vandewater, safety ambassador with the Arrive Alive tour.

Even with two hands on the wheel, student drivers face distractions. The Arrive Alive tour will be traveling the country visiting high schools to help put an end to distracted driving while urging drivers to understand  the consequences that come with it.  

“They actually aren’t running that as a traffic violation anymore. They are are starting to run it as a misdemeanor so that is going to be going on to your record and they are running about $200 right now on average,” said an ambassador with the tour when describing a texting a driving citation to a student. 

Students received citations after driving in the simulator and learned just how deadly distracted driving can be. 

For some students, seeing the citation was enough for them to make a pledge to end distracted driving. 

“That was for drinking and driving, and I am never going to drink and drive. Trust me,” said Katlin Hyde, student.

Students said that after completing the simulation but the educators with the tour hope that the simulation also translates into the real world. 

“Something could run out in front of you if there is a construction zone or there is always something new when you get on the road so you always have to be cautious while driving,” said Colten Hovermale, student.

The Arrive Alive Tour made its first stop in Harrison County at Lincoln High School and will make another stop at Liberty High School before hitting the road again.