Doddridge County child nutrition coordinator wins state award, sees success with late breakfast


One county has been using food as fuel and taking a different approach to the traditional hot breakfast.

Students have been eating in the classroom as a result of one of the many programs led by Child Nutrition Coordinator Tiffany Curran. Curran recently won State Nutrition Director of the Year. 

“We have made a lot of improvements in that area. Our food programs have come a long way. We are a CEP county which is community eligible provision so everyone eats for free breakfast and lunch so there is no issue when it comes to status or income,” explained Curran. 

Breakfast After First is one way Doddridge County has been working to get food in the hands of students and coordinators said they are actually seeing it make a difference. 

“The later breakfast option has been super successful at both the middle school and the high school,” added Curran. 

Late Breakfast started two years ago at Doddridge County High School and its for older students who don’t want to eat immediately when they get to school. Late Breakfast consists of a fruit, a diary productand a grain or meat.

The program sees high participation, serving more than half the student body each day. 

Studies show that students who use a service like Late Breakfast are more attentive in class, do not have as many behavioral issues and can focus more easily. 

Coordinators said it allows them to see what approaches really work best when it comes to feeding and fueling students. 

Late Breakfast happens at a lot of schools in West Virginia because of the Feed to Achieve Act. It started as an option to give students a different way to engage in their school’s nutrition program. 

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