Dr. Tim Barry hosts State of the University Address


Alderson Broaddus University Board of Trustees and Governors announced Dr. Tim Barry as the 10th president a short time ago and he is already addressing the community in his official capacity.  

Barbour County Chamber of Commerce members met for the university’s annual State of the University Address.

“I’ve had, as an interim president, three years to kind of get to know the institution and for the institution and constituents and constituencies to get to know me.  It’s been a wonderful combination,” said President Barry.

President Barry spoke about university enrollment, student volunteerism, and the economic impact the university has within the county.

“We are a $50 million impact on the Philippi and Barbour County economy,” said Barry.

“We’re not distinct from the city of Philippi and Barbour County; we’re a part of that.  As we go, so goes Philippi and so goes Barbour County. It’s integral to working with them that you report back on where we’re at, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get here.”

During his three years as interim president, Dr. Barry created the State of the University event to keep community leaders informed.

“It’s collectively a state of the university address, but it’s also the positives, really the opportunities that we have but also what we are faced about in the future,” said Dr. Barry.

“It’s an opportunity for me to say thank you to the city of Philippi and to Barbour County, to the surrounding region for what they’ve done and will do for us in the future.”

AB officials said they plan to continue working with the community to better the area and the university.  

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