One university in our area recently purchased a plane in efforts to grow its aviation technology program.

“Fairmont State is the only FAA Part 141 Flight School in the state of West Virginia. We are located here at CKB and we have direct access to the runways and it’s a booming area for the aerospace industry,” said Donald Trisel, dean of Aviation Technology

Instructors explained why the accreditation is so important for the school.

“One of the good things about that 141 credibility which is very difficult to get is it allows our service members to come in under the G.I Bill and it pays for their flight training,” said Joel Kirk, chief pilot. 

To help have exclusive control of its program, the university recently purchased a plane to use for its piloting program.

“We are going to have to produce one new pilot every 15 seconds for the next 20 years. Fairmont State can take care a part of that. I think we can play a very important role for West Virginia to provide oppportunities for our students that they wouldn’t have elsewhere,” said Trisel. 

Instructors said they are recruiting high school students in the area for the university’s bachelor’s of science degree in aviation technology and the program is a fit for all types of students.

“We have 35 on board. We have a couple that are kind of nontraditional. We actually have a mother of four in the program right now,” said Kirk.

“This plane is the practical application to the theory we have been teaching in the class and it allows Fairmont State University to shout out to the world that we are ready to soar,” explained Mirta Martin, FSU president. 

For more information on the aviation technology program, visit the university’s website