FAIRMONT, W.Va.-Fairmont State University is launching its COVID-19 Supplemental Aid Program.  

Full-time students will be awarded $1,500. Part-time students will be awarded $1,000. The program funds came from the federal CARES Act. Students must apply to the program by August 31. 

For a student to be considered they must: 

  • Be an eligible citizen or eligible non-citizen. 
  • Be enrolled at least half-time (defined as six credit hours for undergraduate students and four hours for graduate students or more) at the time the award is made. 
  • Be admitted as a regular, degree-seeking student. 
  • Students with exceptional need will be considered first. Other applications will be considered if there are remaining funds after exceptional need awards are made. 

“The plight of the students made us do this,” Dr. Mirta Martin, Fairmont State University president, said. “It’s not a make it’s a want. I have seen the needs of students day in and day out and they want so very much to succeed and they want so very much to be able to achieve their dreams but, when you have to make choices between food or going to school or helping your family or going to school and you’re not able to work full-time or you’re not able to work as much as you normally do something has to give and we don’t want our students to have to choose between school and putting food on their table and so this initiative is designed to help them achieve their American dream which will only come through graduation.” 

 The university will give awards to a limited number of students. Awards will be given out beginning September 13. Students can apply here.

In addition, the University will assist students enrolled in the summer 2021 term with an award of up to $500. No application was necessary to be considered for this supplemental summer 2021 financial aid funding. Summer 2021 recipients have already been identified through summer enrollment.