FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Employees at Fairmont State were welcomed back on Monday as the university hosted its fall semester Opening Session.

Faculty and staff were invited to attend the opening session in Colebank Hall. Breakfast was provided for those in attendance as the opening remarks began at 9 a.m. Those in attendance were welcome to help themselves to breakfast before the opening session remarks began at 9 a.m. Fairmont State Hosted this Opening Session to provide Dr. Davis an opportunity to introduce himself and deliver his keynote speech, in which he discussed the importance of being a team.

“So, one of the things you will hear me talk about today is this idea that we’re in it together. I think a lot of times at universities people are really great at supporting people in their individual units, but we forget that we’re all colleagues and if the university’s going to survive it’s going to be because, and thrive it’s going to be because we find ways to connect across units, across departments with our community,” Fairmont State University President Mike Davis said.

Davis said that he is excited about the start of the fall semester and was happy to share what ideas he has for the future of Fairmont State University.

“So, I think to me it sort of feels like when you’re a kid and you go back to school. You know the first days are always sort of the most exciting. But I also think it sets the tone for what’s about to come, you know I think that’s why they ask the president to speak at an event like this, because they want to hear what ideas I have for the future of Fairmont State University and how we are going to come together,” Davis said.

New Fairmont State University Faculty and Staff Members were also introduced during the opening session for the new school year. Classes at Fairmont State begin on Monday, Aug. 21.