Glenville State College prepares to welcome new Esports team


GLENVILLE, W.Va. – In the next month, a 3,000 square foot space in the Mollohan Campus Center at Glenville State College, that used to serve as the college bookstore, will be transformed into a giant Esports arena for students on campus, an activity that’s becoming more popular around the country.

“I traveled for admissions quite a bit and saw that esports was popping up all over the place. Alice Lloyd College, one of my friends was an admission counselor there, and he had all this cool esports stuff on his table, and he was talking to kids so I was like, I need some of that stuff,” said Coordinator Logan Harrison.

The new team will be divided into divisions on campus, and play competitively in different games year-round. It’s not just about a fun past-time, coordinator, Logan Harrison, said it can help prepare students for their futures.

“It’s communication, teamwork. You know, a lot of these kids, they’re introverts, they’re not used to being around people, talking to a lot of people. Most of the friends they’ve had they’ve made from gaming, they’ve made from computers,” Harrison said.

The facility will also include some cardio machines that team members will be required to use.

“We are going to require some fitness element to being part of the team, and that’s not because I’m a mean guy, it’s because it’s general wellness, you know? It’s going to be two hours a week, if that. Just something to get you up and moving, to get your mind off of the game,” said Harrison.

As far as an audience goes, there’s plenty of that to go around. Games like Rocket League and League of Legends rake in millions annually, and find millions of people to watch, too.

“There were more viewers for the Overwatch world championship than there were for the Super Bowl. That’s wild to me. And in a COVID world where traditional sports may or may not happen, this could be it,” Harrison said.

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