WESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Lewis County High School and Glenville State University partnered up with the ‘Grow Your Own Program,’ which helps high school students become teachers.

The program allows high school Juniors and Seniors to get involved with teacher education through dual-credit college classes while they are still in high school.

It also allows students to get a jump-start on college classes, meaning when they go to college they will have fewer required courses and finish college earlier.

The state of West Virginia is currently experiencing a teacher shortage and by going through this program state officials hope that students will become teachers in West Virginia.

“We have a teacher shortage not only here in West Virginia, but nationwide, I think West Virginia last I heard was 800 teachers short,” Lewis County High School Principal John Whiston said. “We’re hoping that they come back to Lewis County and stay in West Virginia and teach here, that’s the whole idea behind it, ‘Grow Your Own’ we want teachers that are from here to stay here.”

Students interested in pursuing a teaching career can sign-up for college courses at Lewis County High School by talking with their counselors.

Classes will start on Monday, Aug. 29, 2022, through online courses with Glenville State University.

Furthermore, students in the program can also apply for a ‘Home Grown Initiative’ scholarship of $3,000 through Glenville State University. To find out more information about the scholarship, click here.

“We’re starting off a new school year, I’m proud of all our kids here at Lewis County High School they’re getting to class, they’re getting to work, and that’s where the rubber hits the road. We need kids to get to school and do their job and right now with the first week of school, our kids are where they are supposed to be and doing their job and we’re having a great year so far,” Whiston said.