Lewis County schools hold active shooter drill


Teachers and staff at Robert L. Bland Middle School in Lewis County were in school Wednesday while students were enjoying an Easter break to make sure those students stay as safe as possible.  They were working with school safety officials from Harrison County to learn how to respond if a shooter attacks the school.

“We did all six schools in Lewis County to basically try to make the teachers and the staff more prepared for any kind of active shooter activity,” said Lewis County Deputy Charlie Kirkpatrick, PRO Officer for Bland Middle School.

During Wednesday’s drill, deputies and other law enforcement officials were firing blanks from different kinds of weapons so teachers could learn what those gun shots sound like, and who can and cannot hear when something happens in one area of the school.

“As much as we want to hope that this never happens in our school and our area, we’re always concerned that we need to be prepared in the event that something does happen, and I think the teachers and the staff learned some valuable lessons, what gunshots sound like in different parts of the building, and I think it was a great presentation,” said Assistant Principal Tarra Shields.

Teachers and officials also discussed strategies to defend their classrooms during an active shooter incident.  But PRO Officer and Lewis County deputy Charlie Kirkpatrick says they are trying to equip themselves as best as possible to work in a building he says is very safe.

“I believe that we have everything that we could possibly need to make sure that the students are safe as possible here.  Our buildings are always locked down from the outside in, and there’s always a PRO officer on duty here during school time,” said Kirkpatrick.

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