GLENVILLE, W.Va. — Glenville State College (GSC) has established a scholarship to support West Virginia students majoring in athletic training.

The GSC Athletic Trainer Scholarship was established members of Glenville State College’s 1970 football team, including Gary Ray, Ron Duncan, Stewart “Mike” Roscoe, Steve Ash, and Virgil “PeeWee” Lacy.

“Last year, our group of eight senior football team members celebrated 50 years from our 1970 final season at GSC. When we were sitting around sharing stories, it came up about how we could give back to our school that gave so much to us,” said Ray. “One of our eight members was our Athletic Trainer and he was such an integral part of our group and team.”

The endowed scholarship will be awarded after it reaches $25,000, supporting an annual $1,000 scholarship.

“We are grateful to the senior members of the 1970 football team for establishing this scholarship at Glenville State,” said David Hutchison, Vice President for Advancement at GSC. “Athletic training is a growing field and this scholarship will undoubtedly help a future Pioneer further their education and give back to the Mountain State.”

The Scholarship Committee at Glenville State College will select the recipient for the scholarship from a list of juniors and seniors majoring in athletic training. Recipients must be from West Virginia, intend to stay in West Virginia after graduation, have at least a 3.0 GPA and show financial need in order to be considered.

In the case that there are “no Athletic Conditioning and Coaching students who meet these criteria,” the scholarship will instead go to a West Virginia student majoring in education.

“One common denominator in sports today is the lack of well-trained athletic trainers – trainers designed for the safety and rehabilitation of our present-day high school athletes. In support of this, we have established a new scholarship to support the program at Glenville State and to help fill these voids,” said Duncan.

Those interested in contributing to the GSC Athletic Trainer Scholarship or want to learn more about establishing a scholarship at Glenville State College, can contact Hutchison at or call (304) 462-6381.