RACHEL, W.Va. – North Marion High School announced it is changing the high school graduation date to Thursday, May 27 instead of Friday, May 28.  

The change was made due to rain in the forecast.  The school made the decision to change the date after it sent out a survey to students.  However, one graduate’s grandmother said the Marion County Board of Education previously said the rain date would be Saturday, May 29.  

“If you look on Facebook, there’s people who have made flight reservations, hotel reservations. You can’t change flight reservations without paying, Cindy Brant, grandmother of a North Marion High School graduate, said. “I just I feel really bad for these kids.”

“The school was looking at the weather and trying to figure out how to make sure that they could have the graduation and give the kids the ceremony they deserve without sitting in the rain, if possible,” Superintendent Randy Farley said.  “So, they asked that they move it, so we told them they needed to poll their seniors and their families, and then they did that, and they had a majority saying, ‘yes it would be good to move it,’ so they decided to move it.”

The new graduation date now puts the middle school and high school graduations on the same day.

“We’re the fortunate ones that were able to, kind of, get around the schedule, but I see people on Facebook that now, since they changed it to Thursday, and that’s the middle school graduation, and a lady has to choose between her children, which one they’re going to go watch graduate,” Brant said.

Brant said she has reached out to the vice principal and the superintended to talk about her concerns.  

When asked about complaints related to the date change, Farley said “no one has brought that to my attention.”