GRAFTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Taylor County Board of Education office held its second public forum regarding the replacement of the current Anna Jarvis Elementary School on Monday evening.

Board of Education members were shown updated bond plans from the original forum on May 17, 2022, and the new elementary school that is planned to be built next to the Anna Jarvis Elementary School sometime around January 2023.

The school was considered to be rebuilt because it was the worst school conditionally in Taylor County, a Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan evaluation rated it as average to below average condition with a Facility Condition Index 61.11.

According to Williamson Shriver Architects’ presentation, the Facility Condition Index of school buildings in Taylor County are:

  • Grafton High School rated at a 37.32
  • Taylor County Middle School rated at a 20.00
  • Flemington Elementary School rated at a 37.03
  • West Taylor Elementary School rated at a 9.80
  • Anna Jarvis Elementary School rated at a 61.11 (School Building Authority max is 60)

The lower the Facility Condition Index number the fewer issues and problems the facility has, and the higher the number the more it needs to be replaced and not repaired, as it is not cost-effective anymore.

This newly proposed elementary school is currently planned to have separate entrances for students and visitors, increased safety measures, larger classroom spaces, be two stories tall and will have higher grade levels on the second floor.

“[State officials] are holding meetings in Charleston currently looking at the submitted comprehensive safety plans, that we are required to submit them every year, and they are looking at ways to make all of our buildings more safe, but a newer building provides a lot more opportunity to put those things in place,” said Christy Miller, Superintendent Taylor County Schools.

For the new elementary school to be built, it will require School Building Authority funding approval and for the voters to pass the bond on Nov. 8, 2022.

The Taylor County Superintendent is excited about a new facility for students to learn in.

“I think with anything that is new, bright and shiny, it always gives students a sense of wow and wonderment first and then they start to settle in and they start to think about, ‘This is really neat that people thought enough of us to allow us to have this type of facility to learn in,'” Miller said.

The newly proposed school is still in the early developmental phases and the group will re-meet with the public in August to discuss the final changes and adjustments to the new elementary school.