CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland Clinic has a few tips for parents wanting to teach their kids about “stranger danger.”

“When we talk about ‘stranger danger’ we have be careful. We don’t want to create anxiety and fear of your child, but you want to balance that with their safety and their security,” said Richard So, MD, pediatrician for Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

According to Dr. So, the best approach is to explain that there’s never a reason an adult would need a child’s help finding something. It’s also a good idea to go over scenarios where a bad person might ask them for help or entice them with treats and gifts.

Another important thing to teach your kid is to look out for “good people” like police officers, firefighters, teachers or even someone with a badge at a store.

Dr. So also recommends using a family password.

“I tell my patients to have a secret family password that is only between your family, so if someone comes up to my child and says, ‘Hey your mom is running behind, she’s at the hospital, she was in a car accident, she told me to pick you up.’ My kids are trained to say, “Hey, what’s our secret family password?” he said.

If your child gets lost, Dr. So said it’s okay to ask another parent for help as most parents would happily lend a hand in that kind of situation.