CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The consolidation of two Harrison County elementary schools is ready for the next step. On Friday, Jan. 7, both Adamston and Wilsonburg Elementary schools will close for students so staff can meet together for the first time.

At the meeting, members of both staffs will select the classes they wish to teach in the new building. The order for selection was chosen based on seniority. Harrison County superintendent Dora Stutler said she had a master list that determined the order and allowed leeway for teachers to move into a classroom that they felt more comfortable in.

“The top senior professional will go in and select the position they would like to have,” she said. “She may be teaching fifth grade at Adamston and maybe she wants fourth grade in the new building. So she can do that.”

Stutler said the building’s renovation is about 50% complete. She hopes to welcome students and staff in the spring for introduction activities.

“The building is going to be beautiful. It’s being completely renovated, and it’s got good structure. It’s got large hallways and large classrooms. It’ll be ready for them,” Stutler said.

While students may enter the new school building for the first time in the spring, Stutler said the instruction will not commence at Victory Elementary until fall 2022.