CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A recent WalletHub ranking put Ritchie, Tucker, Pocahontas and Preston county schools in the top 10 school districts in the state where funding is distributed the most fairly.

To determine the ranking, the writer compared families’ average income in each school district to the amount of funding that district receives per student. It used data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics.

Each school district was given 50 points to start. If a school district put more money into education than average, points were removed, and if it had a higher average income than normal, points were removed. The scores that were closest to zero were determined to be the fairest.

According to the study, Ritchie County Schools, which has a relatively low average income of $44,328 and a relatively high average expenditure per student of $13,257, was determined to be the fairest distribution of funds in the state with a score of 0.36.

Other north central West Virginia schools that were considered among the fairest were:

  • Tucker County Schools – 8th
    • Expenditure per student: $12,775
    • Average income: $47,527
  • Pocahontas County Schools – 9th
    • Expenditure per student: $15,621
    • Average income: $37,642
  • Preston County Schools – 10th
    • Expenditure per student: $10,677
    • Average income: $51,992

Here’s how other schools in north central West Virginia ranked:

  • Harrison County Schools – 19th
  • Monongalia County Schools – 23rd
  • Marion County Schools – 25th
  • Lewis County Schools – 28th
  • Randolph County Schools – 32nd
  • Upshur County Schools – 37th
  • Barbour County Board of Education – 48th
  • Webster County Schools – 49th
  • Doddridge County Schools – 55th

The ranking does not indicate the quality of education in any district. For example, Doddridge County Schools was ranked the least equitable because it invests drastically more into education per student than any other county in West Virginia at $22,173. Jefferson County Schools invests a relatively average amount per student but has a drastically higher average income at $82,551, but was ranked next to last.

To see the full ranking and metrology, click here.