BRUCETON MILLS, W.Va. (WBOY) — Inspiring students to be interested in science is something educators across the state want to do and West Virginia’s Farm Bureau has figured out a way to do just that with their mobile science lab which made its latest stop in Bruceton Mills on Friday.

The lab travels to schools across the state and this week it stopped at Bruceton School to teach more than 600 students from pre-K to eighth grade how the agriculture world impacts them and the science behind it.

Bruceton reserved the lab two years ago and since then, the lab’s popularity has continued to grow as it is currently booked through 2025.

”With science and stem, anytime you can get kids doing hands-on things and actually experimenting with things that’s where they’re going to learn the most from and have the most takeaways. The community that we have here in Bruceton and Preston County is also very very rooted in agriculture and farming. A lot of our kids work on the farm. They have livestock, they do work through 4H or other things as well so they do it every day and now they’re seeing some additional things of how the science behind it works,” Bruceton School Principal Jonas Knotts said.

The lab is able to cater the lessons to the grade level of the students they are teaching, those from pre-k to second grade received 30-minute lessons while students from third grade to eighth grade received up to an hour of lessons that included conducting experiments, solving problems and coming up with hypotheses.

Friday’s lesson for middle schoolers was how plastic can be made from vegetable oil.

To learn more about the farm and to sign your school up, you can visit here.