JULIAN, W.Va. (WOWK) — College students met at the West Virginia Training Conference Center Saturday for this year’s Eastern Collegiate Mine Rescue Contest.

Students from Virginia Tech, West Virginia University and the University of Kentucky were present for the competition.

Students were put through exercises where they had to do things like locate elements such as smoke and gas in unsafe areas.

“We basically go through scenarios of like a mine disaster and try to figure out how to safely get people out of that mine,” said Garek Eliy, a student from Virginia Tech.

Organizers say competitions like these will put these students in a better position after graduation.  

“The graduates from these programs are going to be running these types of operations. So, if and when something happens, these are the people that will be relied on to make good, sound engineering decisions,” said Steven Schafrik, an Associate Professor from the University of Kentucky.

The event marked the second time the Eastern Collegiate Mine Rescue Contest was held at the West Virginia Training and Conference Center.