MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Emily Calandrelli is notably known for hosting the Netflix series ‘Watch Emily’s Wonder Lab’ held a book signing Wednesday of her newest published kid’s book at Barnes and Noble in Morgantown.

Calandrelli is an American science communicator and wrote a picture book after the birth of her daughter called “Reach for the Stars” as a way to put on paper all of the things she wanted to reach for throughout her life. She stated that as someone that is an engineer there is so much about the world that she wants to teach her daughter as she grows up.

“So, it’s really important to me to include some of the science and the engineering that I love myself, and that I want to teach my daughter throughout the book. So, of course, throughout the book you’ll see a lor of things about space, and asteroids, and shooting stars, and the moon, and the tides, and all of these things I want to teach my daughter,” Calandrelli said.

Calandrelli stated that it is magical to be able to create something that people around the globe will be able to read and have a story that resonates with them.