Experts weigh in on if pregnant women should get the covid-19 vaccine


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU Medicine doctors debunked some myths about getting the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant. 

Doctors said that if a woman gets covid while pregnant the risks include the possibility of the mother dying, risk of losing the baby, having the baby be born early and more.  

Annelee Boyle is the Medical Director of Labor and Delivery and Maternal Fetal Specialist Services at WVU Medicine. She got her vaccine while pregnant back in December. Now, she has a healthy baby boy, Andrew.  

“It was the 100% right decision because the data has only gotten stronger in the last 10 months, and over 200,000 women have gotten the covid vaccine and there is no increased risk with the vaccine to either mother or baby,” Boyle said. “And with the Delta Variant, we’re seeing that women are getting even sicker, so I’ve seen more and more women in the ICU. And I’m seeing women die and these are women who are pregnant and there are babies that aren’t going to have their mom’s.” 

Annelee Boyle and baby Andrew

One myth Boyles heard is that the vaccine causes infertility – which she debunked. 

“Infertility is an absolute myth that was an internet rumor that was started at exactly the same time the vaccines came out, so there was no way to have that data and there is no data to support that,” Boyle said.  

Boyle recommended pregnant women get their covid vaccine as soon as possible in their pregnancy.   

“I’m the one who’s seeing women in the ICU, and I’m seeing their husbands crying, their mom’s faces looking devastated and every single patient that I have seen wishes that they’d gotten that vaccine,” Boyle said.

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