Extreme Endeavors looks to revolutionize water monitoring systems in rural West Virginia


PHILIPPI, W.Va. – Extreme Endeavors, a technology company, is offering rural towns in West Virginia what they claim to be the best automated water solution system on the market.

Mike Masterman, the owner and president of Extreme Endeavors, said their system allows a tank on top of a mountain to be filled from a valley 20 miles away automatically, eliminating the process of having to drive water trucks back and forth. Once the water is transferred, the system is automated and can be monitored and adjusted on a cellphone or a screen in the public service district (PSD) office. It can even monitor for leaks and tell the customer precisely how much water is being wasted.

Centura Volga PSD’s water tank

“A lot of the public services districts are in the rural areas, they had a lot of problems with communications to remote sites,” Masterman said. “The same automation that’s available in the city didn’t always work well with the local municipalities in the rural districts. What we did was we came in with an internet of things solution, almost a smart city grid type thing so we increased the reliability, increased the function of what they do, so they could monitor that better.”

‘Internet of things’ refers to physical devices that are located in different locations, all connected by the internet. Through this process, the human element is eliminated and data can be transferred from the water tower to a PSD’s office without having to send out an engineer.

Masterman looking at the water monitoring screens in the Centura Volga PSD office

“It feels great to be able to help out a community that is underserved, to be able to go in and make somebody’s job so easy that they literally can focus on their time on correcting major problems,” Masterman said. “It’s just a — it fits with our personality of technology that benefits humanity, people and the community.”

Masterman said Extreme Endeavors is not looking to stop innovating, in fact, they are currently developing a smartwatch app that will allow customers to monitor and adjust their water system.

Caitlin Wiley, Extreme Endeavor’s project manager, said the app will be easy to use and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

“You could be out at dinner or at an event and you can pull up your levels on your watch, you wouldn’t have to pull out your phone,” Wiley said. “The alerts just come right to you.”

Wiley, like Masterman, said it is a great feeling to know that the products they create are straightforward and can better the lives of their customers.

Another project that the company is currently working on is a key performance indicator that will combine revenue, water loss and various other bits of information on a dashboard that will essentially summarize how a water district is doing.

Ultimately, Extreme Endeavors can use its water monitoring software to monitor a lot of other things. Masterman said there is nothing the system cannot monitor.

“Whether that would be entry into the building, whether that would be — one of the features of our system is we monitor when we turn a pump on, we monitor the current and voltage going into that system,” Masterman said. “Several times in the backwoods of WV here they’ve had trouble with the phases being off and that causes problems with the pumps. We are able to detect that down to the minute of a level.”

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