First responders were on scene at the North Central West Virginia Airport after a National Guard plane reported experiencing complications with its landing gear. Around noon, an “Alert 2” was issued to all first responders.

These first responders included Bridgeport Fire Department and Anmoore Fire Department. The plane ultimately landed safely but the added precaution was taken because it was unsure if the deployed landing gear on the plane would work or collapse upon landing. 

The director of the airport described why the “Alert 2” was issued on Tuesday at noon. 

“The indicator light is not on to tell or confirm whether or not the landing gear is engaged. We visually have determined that the landing gear is engaged so we are prepared at this moment,” explained Rick Rock, airport director. 

Before landing, the plane spent more than an hour circling  the airport. Rock said this was done as procedure for landing without proper landing gear. The plane needed to nearly empty its fuel supply to make for a safer landing. 

Rock said, “If the landing gear would collapse then the front of the aircraft could spark and you just wanted to make sure to decrease the likelihood of any kind of fire, explosion, or toxic chemicals.” 

The plane did land smoothly just after 1 p.m. The pilot and one other passenger on board were safe and unharmed.