GLENVILLE, W.Va. – The Bluegrass certificate at Glenville State College will not be discontinued.

The Office of Academic Affairs released an email stating that the Bluegrass Certificate would no longer be available which caused some panic among current students and their parents, but University President Mark Manchin has confirmed that the Bluegrass Certificate will remain at Glenville State College.

“As far as dismantling the bluegrass program, that’s not correct. We hope to continue it, but how exactly, how it looks, we’re still working on that,” said President Manchin.

President Manchin said that bluegrass music is an integral part of Appalachian culture, and the institution will continue to offer the Appalachian Studies degree program, under which students complete the bluegrass certificate.

There are currently five students in the program this semester for spring of 2022.

“We think it’s important, and we’re going to honor those students and even grow our program. We think it’s a great program. I’ve always felt strongly about bluegrass music, in particular, the bluegrass program here at Glenville State, and we’re going to honor those students who have entered and we hope to grow more,” said President Manchin.

Since the fall semester of 2002, Glenville State College has embraced this certification. The program focuses on more than bluegrass music. It includes the unique food, culture and history of the region that many call home.

President Manchin said he adores the style of music and believes keeping the opportunity open is essential for the students’ education.