GLENVILLE, W.Va. (WBOY) — Glenville State University is partnering with Marshall University, hoping their collaboration will be a model for all small colleges throughout the state.

The Marshall University president and faculty members from both educational institutes met together at GSU’s president’s house on campus this morning in Glenville.

They then took a tour of the entire campus, including the $25 million Waco Center.

The groups met after lunch in breakout sessions discussing ways to maximize the benefits of their collaboration.

“Marshall University has expanded programs and curriculums, over 150 programs,” said Marshall University president Brad Smith. “And schools like Glenville State are aspiring to introduce those programs. So, we have partnership opportunities like nursing where we can share some of our resources, some of our faculty, help them get up and running and over a period of time they can actually introduce and run those programs themselves.”

“For small colleges throughout West Virginia who do not have the wherewithal to be able to provide all the necessary programs, the resources, that perhaps a larger university might have,” said Glenville State University president Dr. Mark Manchin. “So this collaborative agreement between Marshall University and Glenville will allow us to provide nursing and some additional courses in health sciences that we otherwise would not have the resources to provide.”

Manchin said the partnership between universities was mainly agreed upon to benefit students of today and in the future.