GLENVILLE, W.Va. – West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner visited Glenville State University on Friday to speak to students about elections.

Warner spoke to a class about election security and integrity. He said he wants everyone to know that they can help keep elections secure by using their cell phones to report any wrongdoing to investigators of the See Something, Text Something security campaign.

“This is something West Virginia is leading the nation at,” said Secretary Warner. “So if you have concerns over election fraud, if you feel you are intimidated on your way to the poles or something is taking place at the precinct that shouldn’t happen, you can now text it. Most everybody has a cell phone and you can video it or take a picture.”

Secretary Warner said possible violations of election law can be confidentially reported from any texting device in three steps:

  1. Text ‘WV’ to 45995
  2. Click on the incoming text link
  3. Submit the confidential complaint

You can also submit a complaint of election fraud to Secretary Warner’s office using this link.

To register to vote, see candidates or register to be a poll worker visit the Go Vote WV website.