CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – Motorcycle riding season is coming to a close and the Miley Legal Group wanted to close it out in a big way. On Oct. 8, it held a raffle in Clarksburg to win $15,000, which would go toward the purchase of a bike of the winner’s choice.

Miley Legal held about 30 events over 2023’s riding season where people were able to enter a raffle at each event in addition to one online entry. That means people had the opportunity to enter multiple times to get a higher chance to win. There were approximately 2,000 submissions.

Tim Miley, owner of Miley Legal Group, said, “If they are lucky enough to be the winner, we-they can then go to the dealership of their choice and make whatever deal they can make and we write a check for $15,000 to that dealer. So, it’s essentially almost a free motorcycle depending-depending on what kind of motorcycle you get. But, we wanted to do this because we wanted to make it essentially an end of the year party, or an end of the riding season party for all the bike riders-motorcycle riders that we’ve ridden with all year. My wife and I both ride motorcycles; we love it, we’re trying to encourage the participation of motorcycle riding in West Virginia because such a beautiful state to ride a motorcycle. And, this is what we are doing for the riders in the community we live in.”

The winner of the grand prize, Benny Miles, was presented with a giant check and lots of excitement. In addition to the grand prize, there were also a number of other giveaways, including helmets with a gift certificate to have them custom designed.

A motorcycle helmet at the Miley Legal Group motorcycle raffle (WBOY photo)

Miley said he hopes to bring this event back every year to celebrate the end of each season. He also said people can expect to see an announcement about next year’s event around the end of February.