MOUNT CLARE, W.Va. (WBOY) — Bel Meadow Golf Club held the inaugural charity golf tournament for K9 Advocates on Friday afternoon.

This event allows K-9 handlers to build positive relationships and get a chance to go out and meet local community members.

While at the same time this event helps raise money for local law enforcement dog handlers to help fund training and equipment expenses.

“K9 Advocates would be nothing without the community, so we strictly rely on donations and the community support to fund anything,” said Jon Flanagan, K9 Advocates President, “There are some jobs that you know it’s better suited for a K-9 to go in and search the area, search the building instead of a human.”

K9 Advocates wants to explain that these K-9s may still be just dogs at the end of the day, but they are very highly trained and specialized dogs that help local law enforcement with very important and specific jobs.

“These K-9s can do things that humans are not capable of doing, for example, explosive detection, drug detection, and suspect apprehension,” Flanagan said.

He goes on with how a K-9 can know the odor of an explosive and can check a set of lockers in seconds, where it would take a human to physically open a locker one by one and could possibly run into a trip wire.

Flanagan discussed how this money can make a difference by helping to buy new equipment for these K-9s.

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“Officers we wear vests those range from $500-$800 range, a top-of-the-line vest for a K-9 from K9storm costs $3,600,” Flanagan said.

Flanagan said if you see a law enforcement K-9 and their handler in the community you can give them a wave and ask first before you approach to talk to them or to pet the K-9.

Event organizers had a goal to get twenty golfers with Friday’s Charity Golf Tournament and well surpassed that goal with more than 100 golfers, Bel Meadows even ran out of golf carts for everyone that signed up to play.

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