CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Eighty-five high school juniors and seniors from West Virginia were selected for the 2nd Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Teen Academy and got a chance to visit the Criminal Justice Information Services Division in Clarksburg on Thursday.

The FBI Teen Academy is where students get to take a glimpse behind the scenes at the FBI Facility.

Dalton Auvil from Buckhannon-Upshur High School said his lifelong goal is to join the FBI and Thursday’s event gets him closer to what he always wanted to do.

“Not many kids get the opportunity to do this, I mean you see the FBI on TV all day, but to be able to actually come to an event like this and do in-person activities like you said this is huge,” said Auvil.

Students we’re able to get hands-on demonstrations from FBI field agents on what they do daily and learn about K-9s, SWAT, firearms simulations, facial recognition, crime scenes and evidence collection.

“I love the fact that it could be one interaction that one of the students had with one of the FBI personnel here today, that they are never going to forget, that they had that type of impact, that it’s going to help guide them to what they want to do in their life,” said Scott Schubert, FBI CJIS Section Chief for Law Enforcement Support.

Schubert wants these students to walk away with their eyes wide open, that they are just like them, and are more informed of what the FBI does and what they do for the community.

“We get to know them, they get to know us, you know and recognize that we live in the communities they live in,” said Schubert, “here you get to see that it is a human behind that and somebody just like them.”

Additionally, a school of the deaf and blind got the opportunity to participate in Thursday’s FBI Teen Academy.

Schubert says, “that is what it’s about, it’s being a part of the community and showing that everybody is accepted in these programs.”

Schubert hopes to see these students with him one day and become fellow employees of the FBI.

“There is so many different things in the FBI whether you’re an agent, you’re a crime scene investigator, whether you’re doing biometrics, it’s unlimited, it’s an opportunity for them to think about what they may want to do in the future,” Schubert said.