CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Three students enrolled at Mountaineer Middle School in Clarksburg used a THC vape while in school, according to Harrison County Superintendent Dora Stutler.

The situation was first reported Thursday when students at the school began to show signs of being under the influence of narcotics, according to an official with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Upon speaking with those students, the Prevention Resource Officer (PRO) at the school was able to take possession of the vape device.

The PRO then ran a test on the vape, which came back positive for THC, Stutler said. The school then called a “Code Blue,” which is a medical emergency. Stutler emphasized that the vape did not contain fentanyl.

When asked about the situation, Stutler said “we do have a protocol in place for any kind of medical emergency and that was that at that point.”

Two students were sent to the hospital with their parents and one student was sent by ambulance. Stutler said that the students will face school consequences.

An official with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department said that the PRO was able to identify the student who brought the THC vape device to the school and a juvenile petition was filed for the Harrison County Prosecutor’s Office to determine a course of action.

Mountaineer Middle School does have vape detectors in place and all PROs in Harrison County have been trained to teach about the dangers of vaping. A speaker is currently touring schools in Harrison County to teach them about the dangers of vaping.