BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – On Thursday, May 5, Bridgeport’s Antero Foundation gave the American Red Cross’ Allegheny Highlands Chapter a brand new community emergency vehicle.

The main use of this vehicle will be for collection, processing, and delivery. These vehicles are critical for the work being done by the Red Cross in order to get people the help they need.

Al Schopp, President of the Antero Foundation, said, “the question is, of course this is the people that we want to help, because they’re helping all of our people. And anybody watching this, one day could be very happy to see that vehicle show up in front of their house cause it means they need help. And it’s just, it’s great to be able to do and it’s a big part of our Antero culture.”

Within the past year of the Highland Alleghanies Chapter, the Red Cross has responded to over 120 home fires, hosted more than 645 blood drives, have assisted 150 families, collected 11,000 units of blood and distributed more than 41,000 blood products.

They have also taken smoke detectors to many different families in need. About 40% of the nations blood supply is provided by the American Red Cross. Which means, they must collect 12,500 units every day to meet the constant demand.

This new emergency vehicle will help the Red Cross in their three key components, which are collection, processing and delivery.

Collection is used to transport staff, equipment, and supplies to more than 500 blood drives nationwide. Processing is used to test and ensure the safety of the blood products. Delivery is used to transport 6.4 million blood products from storage to hospitals and cancer treatment facilities.

The Antero Foundation will be sponsoring a blood drive on Tuesday, June 28 between 12-5 p.m. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, you can find the website here.