First responders are often with a patient long before friends and family arrive. 

Whether it is an emergency or not, Anmoore EMS is working to create a new relationship with the community. 

Anmoore EMS opens its doors for emergency and non-emergency calls all over Harrison County.  The station has a new supervisor with experience at Clarksburg and Nutter Fort Fire Departments and he said Anmoore EMS is working to become fully staffed. 

“We serve 911 to a large area, and also we do a non-emergency service of transfers, maybe from the hospital to a doctor’s office or nursing home to residencies, or whatever it may be,” said Nathan Rohrbough, EMS supervisor. 

About half of the calls the Anmoore EMS takes are for non-emergency transports, and they said that those non-emergency transports is what is helping them get closer to the community.

People who are buckling in and riding in the ambulance in a non-emergency need the service because they can’t get the treatment they need without it. 

“They can’t walk on their own.  Family members can’t pick them up and carry them here and there.  We come in and do that, and it makes it a lot easier for them.  Most our patients can’t even sit down.  They can’t ride in a vehicle.  They need to be in an ambulance so they can lay back and be comfortable,” said Nicholas Mullins, EMT. 

With its hand on the town’s heartbeat, Anmoore EMS provides care for people near and far and the station’s location near the interstate allows it to accomplish that.