CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Concerned business owners addressed Clarksburg City Council Thursday night over a Suboxone clinic that could go in on Tolley Drive.  

Those business owners cited a gym and daycare facility located near where the clinic would be and how that will have an impact on them and the safety of their customers. Council members spoke with the concerned business owners, letting them know that they support their concerns and will look into the situation, as well as citing their own concerns.

“Clarksburg has been hit hard enough with this opioid addiction, and it’s affected our business, and our communities, our neighborhoods. And, the people in the community have had enough. So, they have a lot of concerns,” said Lillie Junkins, vice mayor of Clarksburg.

Council members stated they are all for helping people battling addiction and seeking treatment. The consensus of all council members was that the clinic should be located closer to a medical facility.

Clint Aragona, owner of WV Fitness 24, speaks to council regarding a proposed Suboxone clinic near his business.

“There are different codes that suggest not around schools, not around daycares and those types of things,” said Clint Aragona, owner of WV Fitness 24. “And, I thought maybe there was an oversight, or perhaps, I don’t know, I thought I would share this. So, I brought this paper, and again, I am not really that excited to come to, like, meetings and talk in public, or whatever. But, I felt compelled to do it because each paper here represents a family that uses our childcare. So, we do have childcare, and this is a lot of people. This could represent anywhere from one to three kids in the family.”

Aragona stated that those childcare forms do not include workouts that are held outside or the kids participating in the sports activities through the gym.  

“I am here on behalf of the new Subutex clinic potentially opening in the area that would neighbor my family’s restaurant,” said Sierra Davis, the daughter of the owners of Brickside Bar and Grille. “While I feel a facility like this is beneficial to our community, I am highly against it being near a commercial and residential location. I am aware of the opioid addiction is a major issue affecting Clarksburg and our entire nation. I would like to try and tackle this problem together.”

Sierra Davis , daughter of the owners of Brickside Bar and Grille, voices her concerns during the council meeting.

Davis also stated that Suboxone is a medication that can also be used as a drug. She said the medication has both successes and failures.  

“I would not feel comfortable with myself or my other employees opening up or closing late at night after a shift,” Davis said. “In a 25-foot radius on or around Lodgeville Road is home to many restaurants, fitness gyms, hotels, banks, shopping centers, office buildings and even a church. Places within our area, surrounding communities come to relax, hang out, run errands, and etc.”

Davis said her biggest concern is protecting the community and said the clinic would be harming the booming tourism industry, and that her family restaurant is between three hotels.