BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Batman and his Batmobile were at the Centerbranch Church on Easter, April 17, visiting and taking pictures with kids between the three Easter services.

As the character of Batman, John Buckland teaches kids what he calls ‘the four steps to greatness’ everywhere he goes.

On April 13, Centerbranch Church sponsored Buckland on a tour of five schools where he shared his message. Those four steps to greatness are:

  • To never give up
  • Always do the right thing
  • Help other people
  • Never be a bully

Some kids from those five schools Buckland recently visited were excited to see him again, and Batman tested them on the four steps. He said that all the kids remembered what he taught them.

“All of the emotion DNA tied up in what I went through, it’s a really good platform for me to bring a message that’s based on my experience, to the kids, and what greater person to bring it than the character of batman. Because everyone can relate to the character of batman, he’s just a boy that went through tough stuff himself, and used his sadness and his anger about that situation in order to become something great. He’s a super hero with no super powers at all, and everybody can relate to that,” said John Buckland, Batman.

Batman talks about Jack Rollins, and his one of a kind rolling memorial Batmobile

Buckland teaches kids that there is an army of batman all over the planet. He has been serving to inspire kids as the character of Batman for ten years now, since 2012. Buckland can be reached through his Heroes 4 Higher website.