BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Bridge Sports Complex hosted a Veterans Day card campaign in the Citynet Center on Wednesday. 

Inside the cards were uplifting messages from kids and adults to show appreciation to a veteran.

Community members and those already at the complex were encouraged to stop in and create their own unique card to be given to a local veteran on Veterans Day. Many of the kids were excited to put together a card and were able to learn about what being a veteran means from officials with the sports complex.

“So, sending those messages of thank you, we appreciate you. We honor your sacrifice, the freedoms, and the things that we don’t necessarily realize our freedoms and take for granted every day,” said Nikki Henderson, the Youth Child Development Coordinator at the Bridge Sports Complex. “Someone paid the price, somebody gave their time, their energy, a portion of their life to dedicate to their service and not everyone does that and for those who do we just want to say we appreciate you.” 

Henderson said that she appreciates the support from the community from the Citynet Center Staff and people throughout the Bridgeport Sports Complex that have made the card campaign successful.