The inside layout of the Bridgeport Indoor Sports and Recreation Complex was unveiled at Monday’s Bridgeport city council.

Omni Associates, who have been planning the project, gave the public a look inside the $55 million complex through a virtual video tour.

The 155,000 square foot complex will include a natatorium, six basketball courts, an indoor turf, and exercise room among other things according to representatives.

Omni Associates has also laid out potential plans for the future of the facility, including outdoor fields and extensions.

Council also addressed concerns over funding of the project. “40 million is borrowed money. 15 is sales tax that has been collected since the day we implemented the tax that will be collected until the day we open it up in fall 2020 when we actually start making our payments.” said Mayor Andy Lang.

The mayor says he hopes the multi-purpose facility will bring in outside groups for tournaments as well as improve the quality of life for citizens of Bridgeport.

“Well our goals is to get it built and get it opened up, that’s the first thing. But you know, I’ll say it again, it’s a facility for North Central West Virginia. As one of our councilman John Wilson said, ‘It may be named the Bridgeport Indoor Sports and Rec Complex, but it’s for North Central West Virginia.” said Mayor Andy Lang.

Bids for construction of the project have already begun. The city hopes that it will be open to the public in fall of 2020.