BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Bridgeport Police Department recently brought a new Chief of Police into office. Mark Rogers has been with the department since Aug. 1, 2005, and was the former Deputy Chief of Police. He started his first day in the new position on July 8, but will officially be sworn in on Monday, July 25.

Rogers mentioned that he received this position by maintaining an orderly department and working hard, when he was asked what the process of being offered the position was. His duties are similar to what they were before, but now he has the final say in a lot of decisions that he did not before.

He also said that it is not changing any of the things that they do right, it is just making sure they have a highly trained and effective police department, and that means making sure citizens’ rights are maintained and that they fix any problem they can. If they can not fix a problem, they want to get people in contact with those that can.

Bridgeport Police Chief Mark Rogers. WBOY Image.

After receiving this position, Rogers admitted that he does not feel any different and that he did not have an empowering moment. He said he just hopes to do what is best, not only for the men and women of the Bridgeport Police Department but the citizens of Bridgeport as well.

Rogers does not want to be known as the boss, he wants to be known as the leader.

“It’s just, wanting to maintain a level of activity within our department and the people that, you know, that I work with every day,” Rogers said. “I just get, you know, some people say, ‘You’re the boss,’ and I like to think that, I’m a leader versus, you know, boss has a title, leader has the people, and that’s what I wanna, hope to continue to maintain.”

He said he never dreamed that he would get this position, but at some point, he thought “Hey, there are things that I can do to help.”

The relationship he has with the department is a symbiotic relationship. Rogers is happy that he gets to report officers’ good deeds because they are hard-working men and women, including the staff. He also mentioned that they have pretty robust volunteer service, and overall, have an amazing group of people.

This Police Department has an open door policy. Rogers asks that if you have a complaint with an officer, to report it to him directly. If it is a training issue, he wants to fix it before training others. He mentioned that a lot of things can be fixed, but it is easier to fix them by talking with him, rather than complaining to somebody who can not do anything about it. The new Chief of Police wants there to be a process to fix things, together.