BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The City of Bridgeport’s Parks and Recreation has invited the public out to the Benedum Civic Center Thursday night to unveil the master plan for upgrades and improvements around Bridgeport.

The Bridgeport Parks and Recreation started a project with Thrasher Group Engineering, which plans to include ideas about improving the Bridgeport City Pool, park, parking lots, and pedestrian flow and safety.

The meeting will be held on Thursday night from 6-8 p.m. at the Benedum Civic Center, with the hope that the attending public will give their input on the proposed changes.

“We hope that people come out and give us their opinion on what they’d like to see, what they don’t like about our plans,” said Joe Shuttleworth, Bridgeport director of parks and recreation. “It’s going to be a park at the end of the day for the – all the patrons here, and citizens here, so we want them to have some input on what we do.”

Shuttleworth also talked about how things could be improved to help with pedestrian safety and make the community a safer place to visit.

“Some areas we felt weren’t the best for our pedestrians and the patrons that are coming to the pool with a lot of children, so we are going to look at ways to correct that,” said Shuttleworth.

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