BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — Harrison County’s newest plant shop, “Roaming Roots,” officially opened its doors on Sunday morning. To celebrate the occasion, the store welcomed residents and vendors to the store.

Tables were set up in the back yard of the store with crafts and produce from local vendors. Around front, a food truck was set up with lunch. Live music accompanied shoppers as they walked around the yard, checking out what was available.

Of course, the main focus was Roaming Roots’ special occasion. Champagne flowed in celebration of the day. Inside the store, it was hard to move with the number of plants lining the walls, floors, and tables. Despite the large selection, owner Leslie Toothman was already looking to expand.

“Imported plants and overseas, you just see beautiful things in nature that people up here would just die to have in their homes or just have a piece of,” she said.

Toothman said that in the coming month before winter settles in, the shop will have other events like this with the community.